3 Advantages of Owning Your Home!.

1. Its YOURS: You are free to get a dog, plant a garden, paint walls any color you want, change decor, and do anything you like with your home. If you want to tear down or add on, the prerogative and this means you are the architect of your living space. The freedom!
2. Sense of Community: This makes you feel more connected to your neighborhood and community, gives you a sense of pride. Homeownership gives you the opportunity to truly plant roots in your local community. You can nurture lasting relationships with friends, neighbors, schools, teachers, and local businesses; providing you with a support system that just makes life in general easier and more enjoyable.
3. Stability. Allows you to feel a sense of stability because you can stay in your home as long as you want. We can all agree that moving is a hassle. Over time, moving from rental to rental becomes tiring, inconvenient and flat out expensive. Many tenants can attest to this.

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