A Few Ways to Kick Start the Year.

The New Year has started and with it comes the desire for change. Here are a few simple ways you can employ to kick start the new Year.
Clear the Clutter:
We accumulate a lot in our day to day  lives and most of these things are seasonal. There comes a time when they no longer have much use or they have simply been outgrown.
There is no need to throw anything away though, there is always someone who needs the thing that you don’t  so you  can give these things away. Mind though that these items  are gently used, you wouldn’t want to give away something you would not be happy to receive.
You  will also benefit for a deep cleaning of your space. Have the carpets washed, the walls scrubbed etc. Talk about a fresh start!
Take out some of those canned foods you do not see yourself using soon and give them to someone who will benefit from their immediate availability.
Do a Social Media/Digital Cleanse:
Social Media is a great tool for community, family or business but it has its downfalls and there are times that you need to just let go some of your contacts. The interwebs can be a toxic space to navigate and you do not want anything to compromise your health in the new year.
It might also be worth your while to go through your phone contacts and delete the unnecessary, back up the important things like your photos of the holiday and clear up some space. This will optimize  your gadget’s speed and battery life as well.
Take your Car for Service:
We spend quite a lot of time in our cars and it saves us a lot of time and money in the long run to make sure they are running at optimum level. If that’s not an option immediately, then maybe a nice  professional clean and oil check will serve you well.
Set Some Goals:
You are the author of your story so it makes sense to put down all your desired outcomes and make sure you internalise them, this is the first step.
Practice Yoga/Meditation:
We live in such a fast paced world that we need to  consciously take a step back and slow down. Yoga improves health, increases flexibility, promotes a balanced metabolism, can help with weight loss or maintenance, improves energy, and the list of benefits goes on and on.
Meditation can positively impact mental and physical health whether it’s by reducing stress, improving sleep, increasing focus, or improving relationships.
So go on, have a Happy New Year!!!