7 Easy Ways To Keep Your House Warm During Winter.

Winter is upon us and is projected to be a rather cold one this year. Couple that with low water levels in Kariba Dam and aging power stations, keeping warm cannot depend on power as there are already widespread cuts. Here are ways of keeping the house warm easily.

Invest in Rugs. Rugs and carpets help prevent heat loss through the floor. They are warmer to the touch than wood or stone, and so offer a warmer surface to walk on. Imagine walking on tiles and cement floors in the cold. Brrrrr!

Close all of your windows properly. Open them during the day if the temperature outside is higher than the temperature indoors. Also make sure there are no gaps in the window so there is no draft coming in.

Put up heavier curtains. A set of heavy curtains can block heavy drafts of air. Open them when the sun is shining and close them when it’s not This will also trap all the warm air inside.Darker curtains also absorb more heat from the sun.

Close off any unused rooms. The closed room becomes a barrier between you and the cold outside. It also stops air from circulating too much, which reduces heat loss.

Start a warm fire. If you have a fire place, you can heat your house by lighting a fire but you always need to supervise the fire while it is lit. Fires just bring a lovely ambience to the home as well, making those winter nights cozy and enjoyable.

Cook. Cooking can help you to keep warm as an activity, through the stovetop or oven’s warmth and by eating something nice and warm after. Limit cooking that gives off steam, as this will increase the humidity in the air and make your house damp. Lowering humidity in the wintertime helps you to feel warmer.